Earning an honest living, is the most honorable act a man can achieve.

A brief introduction to my principles and life story.

From working on ranches, in hospitals, and stores, to my current job with one of the largest manufacturing companies in the world; I've been blessed with a workingman's life since I moved to Indiana from Texas. I've lived in Indiana for almost 20 years, and I am proud to call myself a true Hoosier in my heart.

Whether it was God, my friends, family, or even random people. The key lesson life has taught me is that the most valuable gift I had was the people around me, our people. It's the people that matter, because they made me matter, when I needed it the most. I am strong in my faith in the Almighty, and cherish the relationships I have with those closest to me.


Why I struggle.

The words “struggle”, “overcome”, or “fight”, are common words said by many people. But I believe only certain people know what those words are shaped and felt by, Pain. Pain is the fuel that shapes our struggles. Pain comes in many forms, and it never discriminates. I want to share with you my pains. How I struggled, how I fought, how I overcame, and why I want to fight for you in Congress today.

I was born in an ordinary house in a little town called Hobbs. At the age of 6 I was a victim of being bullied almost on a daily basis and sometimes violently attacked. By age 8, I was a victim of child abuse. My parents divorced at age 11. I had no true friends. When my father decided to move to Lafayette, I started high school having no social knowledge, thrown into an environment with some good people, and a lot of bad people. I was the average guy, the kid with good moral character who never did drugs, alcohol or slept around. I paid a heavy price for being good, but I have no regrets. I fought. I graduated, I went to Purdue, then I struggled even more.

I'm a descent christian man. I want to fight for better family's because it's right. I want to fight for people to be able to work, because I know how it feels to not have purpose. I want to fight for free speech so that people can teach each other the kindness that they taught me. I want to honor my veterans because I've seen their pain. There is an abandonment of morality in our society that needs to change. It's because I have felt so much pain, and seeing the pain of others, that I want to help make things right, through hard work. This is why I fight, this is why I struggle, this is why I want to be your congressmen.



My Life Experience.

The single most important experience in my working life was in the private sector alongside the people I met. These people, through all the ups and downs, molded me into the man I am today. They, not my schooling at Lafayette Jeff or Purdue, were the ones who showed me wisdom.

I promise to faithfully represent the concerns of all people in the 4th congressional District with my experience of life as a workingman doing his best every day. -As someone who truly understands the struggles of ordinary Americans working to raise themselves and their families to their full potential.

My vision for the United States, is a nation that truly puts rewards for hard work above all. I want the great state of Indiana to be a key part of that nation, where government doesn't stand in the way and encourages hard work-because that's what the people need, to live a full life. Where our precious right to free speech is protected and not abused. Where Hoosiers will feel a sense of personal achievement in their lives as I have.



-Tim Radice.

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