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Vote Tim workingman Radice Campaign Committee.


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January, 31st, 2018


Vote for a Workingman!”


Wabash National worker from Lafayette announces official bid for Congressional Seat on the Republican Side.


[Lafayette, Indiana], 1/31/2018.


It's with my highest honor and dignity, that I, Timothy Michael Radice (Raa*Dee*Chee), am officially announcing my candidacy for an honest and hardworking campaign for Congress. I've worked on ranches, in hospitals, stores, call centers and have had the blessing of working with the largest manufacturer of trailers in the world. Earning an honest living, is the most honorable act a man can achieve. Americans want a representative that understand that all men and women, now matter what their stature in society, are not measured by their money, but their love and dedication.

I'm the only candidate who understands the everyday working Hoosier. I support new minimum tax laws for working people, new federal holidays, curbing negative regulations, better job incentives for our veterans, and helping our district create the full time jobs that Hoosiers deserve. I'm the only candidate that's talking about the the opioid addiction that is poisoning our State. I'm the only candidate that will say “No” to amnesty. My vision is a State where our precious right to free speech is protected and not abused. I will fully protect our Second Amendment rights, but also work hard to end gun violence in our streets.

I aim to make you proud and show you that, whoever you are, YOU MATTER-that, in me, you will have a friend in Congress. It's not just about jobs, it's not just about healthcare, it's not just about preservation or traditions. I'm running for congress because there is need for genuine solutions for a genuine people that I love. I believe we can do better. I'm running because I believe we can BE better. And I want to give our people hope, a plan, and the opportunity for hard work. So they may live in a future they will prosper in. God Bless Our Great People.


Timothy Michael Radice.

P.S. Check out my campaign website at


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